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So you want those 5-star Creature cards, right? This is where you need to be! Use your controlled movement dice carefully so you land on the higher rarity chests for better chances of getting high-rank Creatures.

Get a lot of Mazes just two steps away from completion, then finish them all at once to snag loads of essences. Sometimes instead of just doing one Maze each day, I actually save up my energy.

Basically, what I am doing is finishing up to the point where there are only 2 or 3 steps left. After all of my Mazes are at this point, I turn into a Maze junkie and just go through finishing each one in one sitting.

This allows me to collect essences at the end of every Maze in bulk, and I have also gotten lucky and received around five 4-star cards in about a week.

Maybe this strategy might work for you, but maybe not, as I still really think that this game is based a lot on luck when it comes to these modes.

Shards are the best, cheapest, most effective way to gain new Hero cards, so focus on collecting them. It is fairly easy to use. You must collect the indicated amount of Shards in order to exchange, which varies by card.

Use the Source tab on the cards as a shortcut to the dungeons that will earn you shards for that card. If I were you, I would go and click on the picture of the card you want to collect Shards for.

It will bring up three tabs: Skill, Source, and Description. Click on Source and there you go, the shortcut way to collect the Shards.

You can directly click each dungeon from this tab to go to the dungeons you need. This way is much easier. Remove Seal is not a complicated mode to use, but it will take time to get all the requisite Creatures needed.

This mode allows you to sacrifice a number of specific cards in order to gain a much stronger, rare 5-star Creature.

So, the reason why Thalassa is one of the most important cards is because the card has a skill called Recycle. This is extremely important because it brings a card back from the dead.

This gives you the upper hand by constantly bringing more cards back into your hand and making sure your Creatures stay alive so your Hero has the defense it needs.

The various Malls provide ways to get Shards with different in-game currencies. Getting Shards to put together Heroes is easier than getting whole Hero cards.

When I first started the game, I wish I knew that you can slowly collect credits. As you play through each and every mode in the game, you can collect enough of each credit and eventually buy Hero Shards in their respective Malls.

Glory points are what you need to collect in order to level up your Heroes and increase their Talents. Earn 15, Glory points every day by lowering the power in your deck.

The way I collect Glory points is simple: They are more than likely lower-level individuals. This is a really important strategy because it allows you to collect over 15, Glory points daily.

The system matches your power with a player with the same amount of power plus or minus a couple of hundred points, or thereabouts and you basically steal their Glory point loot.

If you want to avoid other people doing the same thing to you, DO NOT leave a high amount of Glory points in your inventory. I never keep more than 1, Glory points in my bag.

Only buy them if they cost you coins, NOT gems. You are able to have a total of 4 decks. Each deck unlocks at different levels. Deck 2 unlocks at level 15, Deck 3 at level 25, and Deck 4 at level Also, your decks can hold a certain amount of cards depending on your level, which increases as you level up.

The era of Disposal-based decks and having loads of 5-stars to win is now passing. However, I do find that those who have the stronger deck compositions are mostly those with really good melds.

Be strategic, and creative, with melds. Card Enhancement at the higher level of the game becomes more about melding abilities onto cards rather than just leveling them up.

That is, if you want your Creatures to be the most powerful and versatile they can be. The dungeons at the beginning of the game take very little strategy and are easy to beat if you Enhance your cards.

The image above shows how a Creature at a lower level will only have access to its first skill until it reaches levels 5 and 10, respectively.

Save Essence cards to level up Creatures, starting with Flame Brave. Make sure you save at least 10 of these cards or more. Once you have saved enough, you can go in to the Enhance Creature screen and level up one Creature at a time.

These abilities allow you to sweep through Maps 1 — 3 like nothing, especially if you play her on the field correctly and at the right time.

That is one of the best beginning strategies to get you started. Another strategy is to Enhance all of your cards to at least level 5, because having six level 5 Creature cards is stronger than having one level 10 Creature card and five level 0 cards.

Of course, the more you level up, the better and stronger your deck will become. Also keep in mind that less powerful cards, such as 1-star Creature cards, can be used as essences to level up other Creatures.

You may as well sacrifice them and level up the cards you actually use. Just be aware that some of these cards are necessary for removing Seals.

But still, please pay attention to that to avoid any unfortunate losses. A typical high-powered Arena deck.

This guy is Rank 1 in the Arena on my server. Since the combat in Arena is only set to the automatic play mode, where your cards come out in the random shuffled order, winning depends less on strategy and more on luck.

Mitigate that by being smarter with your deck construction. Currently, the players that rank top 10 in the Arena are those who are very skilled at melding the right abilities on the right cards.

You will not be able to meld or evolve until a certain level, so focus on leveling up your character profile until you reach the necessary level.

Currently, the pattern for success seen in the many Arenas and there are multiple Arenas on different servers, so be aware of that revolve around the decks that utilize a variety of abilities.

For example, melding Immunity 9 onto Sentry Angel is a good move. Oh yeah, another good reason to get Creatures from Remove Seal: As I noted above, you probably wonder how the heck does my Sentry Angel have Immunity 9?

He has been number 1 for about a month now and his melds are seriously unbreakable. One more thing to know about the Arena is that as you rank higher, you can get awarded gems, but only once.

So aim high and dream big!! Be strategic with melding abilities and spending gems ; save your Gems for faction boosters instead of refreshing enemies.

It defeats the purpose of collecting the gems as you rank up. When you reach level 20, you will be able to participate in guilds. Also mind your timing when playing cards and hope for the best luck on your card draws.

Guild Maps are super-charged versions of the Explorer Maps, with much harder enemy A. As you advance to the later Maps, many more rare cards will be available for grabs than in the earlier Maps.

Choose Wight as your Hero to reach super high damage levels. To reach higher damage in Maps there are many strategies to take. One strategy that I have been using which got me up to k damage is quite simple.

Actually, some people have reached up to 2 million damage with this particular method. With the right combination, it is truly possible to reach crazily high levels of damage.

Here, I am using Wight in a fight on the Guild Map. These encounters are much harder to defeat than their Explorer Map versions, so be prepared.

After 5 rounds, my level-3 Death Curse can deal almost 20k damage per Creature per round, and it stacks each time! The higher damage you do and the more Creatures you kill, the more rewards you get!

So get out there and push through those Guild Maps as soon as you can. This is important to understand because you can use this matching system to your advantage.

Low-powered decks earn more Glory points. In order to collect the most Glory points up to 10, a day , I highly recommend building a deck that is LOW in power.

How low, you ask? It should be around 4,, How this system works is that you are matched with an opponent that is closely related to your power.

Then you, being at a higher level, can still find another opponent lower in level, weaker and carrying a lot of Glory points.

Keep in mind that this is a fishing game, so you have to find a big bait by refreshing for new opponents it costs 1, coins to refresh each time, which is worth it for the Glory points you get.

Keep hitting the refresh button to find someone with lots of Glory points. Search for opponents who hold a lot of Glory points! Therefore, if they have 10,, you will get around 3, Glory points if you win the fight.

Once you are done collecting, move over to the Enhancement Mode and Enhance Hero. The number one mistake that people make is leaving their Glory points for others to steal.

What are the cards you have battleblow on? Posted by Anderrent at 4: Saturday, May 12, Vitality Grimoire 5. Vitality Grimoire 5 consists of creatures with HP and 1 attack, however they take only 1 damage from any attacks.

They also heal about 6 damage per turn. The challenge is to cause damage as many times as possible to kill the entire deck before turn If you have a 5 star Gorgon or Spirit Siren, you can use either of them instead of the melded Treant Guide.

Treant Guide is the only creature in the game with two Mass Heal skills! Posted by Anderrent at 7: Posted by Anderrent at 6: Thursday, May 10, Deck Heroes Wight.

Morti 4 Star Hero - Wight. You get a free Predator at level Grizzly - the toughest 4 star summon in the game.

Posted by Anderrent at 3: The Blood Warlock Deck!

Deck heroes tipps deutsch Deck heroes tipps deutsch Duell der Helden help einzelwetten strategie, Deck Heroes: Legen Sie viel Wert darauf, dass das Produkt noch nicht vorher benutzt wurde oder geht es Ihnen hauptsächlich darum, dass es funktioniert und seinen Zweck erfüllt? Everything you want to know about Deck Heroes: Unsere Empfehlungen Die Bestseller bei eBay. Natürlich kannst du dir Juwelen kaufen und den schnellen Erfolg suchen. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Duell der Helden help , Deck Heroes: Hat jemand ein Paar tipps am Besten sogar sein Deck als Beispiel mit dem er. Nickname Zeit Bedienung Ablaufzeit. Jedes der vorhandenen Modelle und Varianten von deck heroes tipps hat seine eigenen Zwecke aber auch die entsprechenden Vor- und Nachteile.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Das ist immer eine schwierige Frage, da jeder Mensch auf andere Dinge wert legt. Daher empfiehlt es sich, einen deck heroes tipps Test ausfindig zu machen, bei dem die verschiedenen Modelle von deck heroes tipps hinsichtlich des Preises und der Leistung miteinander verglichen werden. Weitere interessante Produkte deck heroes duell der helden tipps deck heroes tipps deck heroes deck heroes duell der helden tricks cyber drachen deck deutsch clash royale spiegel deck cliche skateboard deck cyber drachen deck cyber drachen structure deck deck chair camping deck chair florida kunststoffwebstoff anthrazitbeige… deck skateboard 7 5 deck skateboard 7 75 deck skateboard 7. Deine E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. Everything you want to know about Deck Heroes: Fangen wir also mit der ersten Klasse an: I currently have a base level 3 on my Royal Guard Hero, so everything I refresh is level 3 to 10 for any talent, never lower. Posted by Anderrent at 9: The higher damage you do and the more Creatures you kill, the more arsenal players you get! Unknown December 24, at 6: The limit deutsch Malls provide ways to get Shards with different in-game currencies. Disposal is a great ability, because when a Creature with it is played, it sends an enemy Creature with the longest slotmaschinen kostenlos spielen ohne anmeldung time to the Graveyard. Eat sleep bet casino bonus code first card you can free is Thalassa, the mighty casino schenefeld dresscode. It might affect the damage output of only a few of your creatures, but when it does, it does big. Locate the system tab in the chat system within the game. If you are curious what type of talents there are, click on the magnifying glass on top of each talent slot. There are a few very strong abilities that the Mortii are known for: Treant Guide is aa ägypten only creature in android spiele apps game with two Mass Heal skills!